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Your New Landscaping Choice

An American Tire Recycling Product


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Rubber-Bark is an eco-friendly, recycled product made from 100% California recycled tires. It is secure, resilient and a virtually indestructible option for use in landscaping and playgrounds. Colors can be customized to suit the application.

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The Advantages

The Advantages
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12 Year Color Guarantee

Made From Recycled Tires

Non-Toxic & Environmentally Safe

Doesn't Attract Pests Like Traditional Mulch

Eliminate Yearly Replacement Costs

Heavier & More Durable Than Bark

Won't Blow Away From High Winds or Float Away From Heavy Rain

Acts As A Weed Barrier/Deterrent

Reduces Need For Herbicides Near Existing Plants/Scrubs

Stacked Tires

Installation Depth

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1.5"- 2"


Proper Mulching is critical to maintaining a healthy landscape. Not only does rubber mulch add beauty, color and texture to a landscape, it also helps control weeds, reduce water evaporation, and moderate soil temperatures. It's important to limit the amount used to avoid the risk of suffocating plants.

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4"- 5"

Residential Playgrounds

When it comes to residential playground applications, a 4"-5" installation depth is typical based on height of residential playground equipment. 4" installation depth provides up to a 10 foot critical fall height protection and a 5" installation depth provides up to a 12 foot critical fall height protection.

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5"- 6"

Commercial Playgrounds

According to the American Society for Testing Materials or ASTM, the standard for all fall protection on commercial playgrounds is 5"-6" depth throughout the entire play area depending on the height of the playground equipment. 5" installation depth provides up to a 12 foot critical fall height protection and a 6" installation depth provides up to a 16 foot critical fall height protection.


Color Options
Red, Green, Brown, Blue and Black

Rubber-Bark                                    2-inch               4-inch             6-inch

40 lb Bag (1.5cf)                              9 SF                 3.5 SF             2.5 SF


2,000 lb Super Sack (75 cf)             450 SF             180 SF           127 SF

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